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Going Green

Everyone is responsible for contributing to a more sustainable world.

Going GreenFor our part, we are "going green."  We use eco-friendly products that are more environmentally friendly.


Here are a few things you can do to help the environment:

  • Recycle
  • Use eco-friendly supplies
  • Save energy
  • Plant trees
  • Properly dispose of electronics and batteries

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Scope of work:

Customer's Bill of Rights

  • To receive fair value for their money
  • To have service that is responsive to their individual and changing needs
  • To deal with courteous, consistent, dependable, and trustworthy employees
  • To have prompt attention to service requests
  • To be valued as a customer

Employee's Bill of Rights

  • To receive clear communications regarding job expectations
  • To be treated fairly and consistently at all times
  • To be fully compensated for their efforts
  • To be allowed time off for personal pursuits
  • To work in a clean, cheerful, and professional environment

Company's Bill of Rights

  • To receive a fair and honest day's work for wages paid
  • To receive an employee's best effort at all times
  • To be able to depend upon the commitments of it's employees and customers

Our Mission and Objectives

To provide:

  • superior customer service, with attention to detail, and a personal touch
  • high quality work and technical expertise
  • a reasonable price, being neither the lowest nor the highest
  • a work environment that contributes to the betterment of our employees' lives
  • a positive impact in our community
  • continuing and sustainable growth necessary to meet our objectives

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that no two businesses have identical needs, nor do they warrant identical treatment.  For that reason, we do not begin a relationship with a solution.

For us, a more logical method involves an examination, a diagnosis, a plan of treatment, and only then, a cure.

Deeds, however, are more eloquent than words.  So we make this offer:  let us visit your facility, learn about your needs and give you our professional opinion - a kind of "facilities check-up"...free and at no obligation.